Hope it’s useful to someone. The procedure was based on a Please do these procedures at your own risk and be ready to make small adjustments while doing them. Also, please be observant while removing parts so that they go back together correctly. There are two versions of the kit, depending on which cable assembly you need. Besides Impex, you can also buy a kit from the dealer, ECS Tuning or a number of other online parts dealers. It may be possible to receive a refund for the cost of buying the Window Regulator Repair Kit and doing the repair yourself. As long as you do the process correctly, it should save VW considerable time and money and in many cases, would be in their best interest to have owners do the repair themselves.

C4 speedo gear question

We recommend Internet Explorer set to x Schreurs Even we have a disclaimer. This is an ex-parrot!! The problem with automatic transmissions is that there’s no good way to tell how they’re doing. They run fine until one day it shifts a little slower or makes the dread “funny noise. Even though we’re dying for an excuse to drop in a five-speed, total transmission failure is not the route we have in mind.

Jun 19,  · Is that little gear assembly that slides into the tailshaft on a T5 the same as a C4. My C4 didnt come with one and the only one I have been able to .

It has been said in our forums that a Ford Mustang Convertible 5. Swap the mounts to opposite sides Left-Right. The convertible engine mounts and hardtop engine mounts are not the same. The Ford Mustang GT uses the same engine mount. Ford Mustang Convertible 5. We’ve been telling people how to do this for years, and you really are probably better off buying the stock Mustang Convertible mounts, but there is a way to make your own.

Ranger motor mounts consist of a rubber pad with a stud sticking out of each side.

Ford In-line 6 Cylinder Bell Housing Identification

Use Correct Flexplate Size Most common flexplate sizes for C4 transmissions are tooth left and tooth right. Each calls for its own bellhousing size. This block plate fits and tooth applications. Use Transmission Fluid Service the torque converter with 1 or 2 quarts of transmission fluid prior to converter installation. This primes the pump and gets prompt lubrication to transmission internals on start-up.

A complete kit designed to connect your transmission cooler ports to your external transmission cooler. Race quality braided stainless steel hose with aircraft – Fragola Performance Systems – Manufacturing the best in hose ends and adapters for professional racers and car enthusiasts. High performance parts MADE IN THE U – LP – Go With The Flow Our C4 cooler line kit is designed and made.

The sport-performance two-door four-seat Cabriolet convertible mantle is now taken by the current Audi S5 Cabriolet and new Coupe. Unlike previous generations of the S4, only the sedan will be imported to the United States and Canada. The S4 now compares more closely with the BMW i. Previously unavailable enthusiast driver aids are now optional, such as Audi’s Sport Rear Differential, active steering and adaptive damping suspension part of the Audi Drive Select Package.

The front axle was moved by 6. Combined with the Sport Rear Differential Audi was able to greatly improve the weight balance and dynamics of the S4 over previous models. The S4 along with the other B8 models received a facelift in early This included a revised front-end with new headlights and grille, an updated interior, and upgraded MMI options. Mechanically, the facelift B8 known colloquially as the B8.

B8 powertrain[ edit ] At the heart of the B8 S4 powertrain is an all-new, all aluminium-alloy 3. This petrol engine displaces 2, cubic centimetres

Adapting Ford Style Transmissions to GM Engines

I was talking to some other Corvette owners at a car show recently, and they thought my PKE unit itself might be defective, since my key fob works fine. Can you tell me where the PKE unit is located? Also, do you know if replacing it is a pretty straightforward job?

Apr 23,  · C4 neutral safety switch and reverse lights. There is a switch that goes on the trans that works the backup lights and neutral safety switch on a C4 and you can pick it up at your local parts store. But I don’t know if it will work with the after market shifter.

The only modification that will need to be done is to the floor plate. You can either cut it to fit the new shifter or you can remove the front seats and pull the carpet back to get to the 4 8mm bolts that hold it on and swap in the one from your donor. All that may be left is to trim the carpet. If you take your time, the piece that you trim out can be used to replaced the gap it will leave behind the shifter.

Replacing an A4LD Automatic with a 2. A transmission that came off a 2. This means that the 2. On the Mitsubishi’s there is no t-case adapter as it is built into the tranny. This causes the tranny cross member to be moved 2. Your automatic transmission truck has a shifter plate on the transmission hump under the carpet. Use the manual shifter and floor plate from the donor vehicle.

Where does the vacuum go on motor on a c6 transmission with a 351w motor?

We systematically re-engineer each model to eliminate OEM flaws and to achieve the highest levels of performance. That is why we say our transmisssions are “Not just built Our hallmarks are quality, performance and unparalleled customer service. The latter is what sets us apart from our competition and has allowed us to grow at a phenomenal pace. We are there before, during and after the sale to support our customers.

whether it is a classic street car or a full race car WPT can hook you up with a shifter to suit your needs so you hit every shift on time every time. Dipstick and tube: Either a standard style tube to give the factory like look or flexible style to allow universal mounting anywhere on your firewall.

Step by Step For the sake of simplicity and space I primarily cover a C4 teardown in this book. C4 teardown technique generally applies to the C6 as well, though there are some distinct differences in the ford c6 transmission and ford c4 transmission. When automatic transmissions fail, there are physical reasons that can be identified when you pay close attention to details.

Most of the time, transmissions fail from wear, tear, and neglect. As a matter of practice, motorists never service automatic transmissions until they do fail. However, transmissions need the same kind of attention engines do. They need regular fluid and filter changes if you want longevity. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: You can use the social sharing buttons to the left, or copy and paste the website link: And as fluid does its work, it deteriorates over time from heat and additive breakdown.

As seals deteriorate, so does line pressure, which causes slippage and failure.

LS Engine Swap for C4 Corvettes

But as a rule the r4 holds about 11 Quarts. TV Cable Adjustment Adjusting the TV cable is a relatively easy process that allows you to change the shift points of your vehicle. It will fix a R4 that has really firm shifts, or shifts that feel to sluggish.

Transmission Oil Pump. Before any transmission noise or vibration troubleshooting is done, the engine and drivetrain must be ruled out. Transmission oil pumps provide fluid pressure for the transmission and torque converter.

Crosley’s Project Journal The Linkage hook up from throttle to the C4 trans is not simply a kick down setup. It will delay upshifts when heavy throttle is applied. Same as on the T GM trans. The pressure is used to over-ride the command for an upshift to a later road speed, working in tandem with low vacuum the modulator is seeing with heavy throttle applied I built 5 of the Ford C4 transmissions this week.

All were dyno tested by me. Part of that testing is verification of the TV operation for delayed upshifts and down shifts. Tests are run with various levels of vacuum applied. I must see a variation is shift timing so I know the transmission is adjustable after it is installed into the vehicle One of these C4 was a green-dot valve body for a Mustang. The operation of the green-dot valve body pressure wise is interesting. Ford will raise pressure where there is no need when the trans is placed into forward gear D.

When the governor speeds picks up, the main line pressure is reduced some. Same pressure design operation on the old cast-iron Cruise-O type trans. Later design transmissions raise line pressure when placed into lower range forward gears, not when placed into D as the vehicle remains stopped.

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