Pinko Punko December 5, at 7: Thomas Thurman December 5, at 8: Pinko Punko December 5, at 8: I would have added a couple of panels to the above to kind of make it more explicit. December 5, at 8: Jamie December 5, at 9: I was always so frustrated about how girls could date older college guys instead of a nice guy like me.

Share: LTG on Chai FM ]|["The conclusion of the trilogy” : LTG Episode 128

Security Hackers can hijack your connected hoverboard It’s not as serious as taking over a connected car, but a hacked hoverboard can lead to amusing but painful hijinks. Researchers figured out how to hack it. Imagine how much goofier that would have been with hoverboards. Hoverboards had a moment in as the hottest toy on the market now usurped by fidget spinners. Some companies, like Segway, are still trying to make hoverboards cool, but they’ve also ended up making them hackable, too.

As everyday objects become connected online, they also become vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Culturally, gay individuals are sometimes portrayed as having a distinctive manner of speech, with a higher pitch voice and slightly different accenting of sounds. Wikipedia refers to this as the.

Electric Skateboards What’s the top speed? It is fast enough on sidewalk when I pass other people. On a moderate hill, it really slows down. If it’s bit steep hill, it moves like walking speed. You can ride this kind of like snowboard. That would be pretty sweet. Electric bike could be similar but standing on the board, turning your head around to enjoy the scenery gives you totally different experience. I am going to put gopro on the board to film while travelling around the city as well.

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Can we send a box full of clothes from California to this address?? I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

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Mobile Safari is the best portable Web browser around, Cover Flow works great on a device with limited storage capacity, and iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store is extremely slick for a first-generation product. The iPod Touch is beautifully designed and incredibly fun to use. It still suffers from some performance hiccups, but I’d gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a mobile video player, a portable Web browser, or a high-class way to cart around the highlights from your music library.

The iPod Touch’s beautiful interface and large, attractive screen contribute to its being easily the most fun media player I’ve ever tested. Cover Flow, Apple’s unique touch-based interface for flipping through the albums on your player, performs much better on the Touch than on the iPod Nano or the iPod Classic. Album art loads so efficiently that it’s nearly impossible to outrun the player and force the screen to display gray placeholder graphics while the player catches up.

And make room for even more. You can add up to eight Home screen pages and fill them with Web Clips. Ipod Touch Videos The 3. Watch your favorite movie or rental from the iTunes Store.

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I was promised flying cars! Of course, he points out that we don’t need flying cars; we have something better: Apparently, all it takes is a deal with a German mad scientist. This commercial [dead link] has fun with this trope while rightly pointing out that technology has still advanced, just differently than expected.

qpidnetworkyuk – Miguel – How Many Drinks? (Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar. how traditional chinese medicine happens homeopathy has become an indispensable part of medication for thousands.

But in the end, many such stories contained no real time travel. However another problem did occur: In my dotage, I kept coming back to these Pretenders, forgetting that they had already been cast aside. In order to avoid wasting valuable List-Creation Time, I decided to catalog the rejects in a separate list of their own, and that separate list appears after the end of the real time travel list.

And yet, even after many discussions of these points with my Grandpa, both of us kept struggling with A Christmas Carol. Clearly there was a trip to the past:

Xkcd dating pool formula dit

September 13, This article was first published on December 15, Predator drone flies over Kandahar Air Field, southern Afghanistan, on a moon-lit night. At some point there, we left the present and entered the future.

dating agency cyrano bölüm Xkcd formula dating ages law top 10 qatar dating sites online Xkcd formula dating ages law Dating Age Range Calculator | Half Your Age Plus Seven Rule Explain xkcd: It’s The Half Plus Seven Rule is an unwritten rule which asserts that it is creepy to.

The Pre-Christmas Lull Starting briefly off-topic, for the first time in literally years, I managed to go a whole month without using my overdraft unlike last month, when I just dipped into it. So hurrah for that. It might be a little trickier next month, as I’ve got to get the car MOT’ed and I’ve got to pay my flat’s maintenance charge though I’m not sure why I bother with that – they never mow the lawn and the place is still under about three feet of rotting leaves.

But anyway, something to celebrate, and now I can really start making headway on getting rid of the four-figure balance on my credit card. If all goes to plan, that should have disappeared by this time next year. That’ll be a nice Christmas present to myself, certainly. Well, now we’re into December, I can finally think about Christmas as a topic. With all the big games Crysis, UT3, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Mass Effect, etc having been released already, it seems that the traditional post-Christmas games release lull has actually come before Christmas this year, as there’s absolutely, officially, sod all coming out worth buying between now and March.

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I know, it ruined everything and made the entire enterprise completely meaningless. If you are going to have a St. Petersburg bowl I think you really need to go all out and have it in Russia as opposed to a baseball stadium in Florida. I mean what would you rather have: Yes, I know that is technically the Marlins mascot but I have no idea what the Rays mascot is called. Illinois was scheduled to play a game in Moscow in or thereabouts but it was cancelled.

Theranos is reportedly finally closing down for good, nearly three years after a Wall Street Journal investigation called its blood testing technology into WSJ said the company, whose dramatic downfall spawned a best-selling book that’s set to be filmed with Jennifer Lawrence starring as Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, sent shareholders an email saying it will.

They also happen to be films that have been marketed heavily towards men. I’ve spoken to friends of mine, male and female, who are fans of these films, and I’ve made the case for each one of these films being a romantic comedy. They’ve all argued against their status as romantic comedies. It’s probably not because they have a very strict definition of the genre, I’d be more inclined to believe it’s because all of my friends think of the term “romantic comedy” as being synonymous with the words “chick flick” and, consequently, “shit”.

But why aren’t these films romantic comedies? Because the story is told out of chronological order? Because there are zombies or fight scenes? Because the protagonist is a year-old virgin? I can’t accept that. These are all stylistic choices and choices of setting, they don’t affect the kind of story being told. The presence of zombies or an unplanned pregnancy in an otherwise traditional romantic comedy signifies one thing: So the story transforms, it’s not just a film about two people falling in love, it’s two people who are given something to do besides fall in love but who also fall in love.

But ‘romantic comedy’ doesn’t quite apply to every one of these films. I’ve seen it applied to each one of them here and there but I don’t think it always fits.


Benznidazole may be preferred based on its improved tolerability over nifurtimox. Community-based surveys reveal that older adults take an average of 2 to 10 prescription and nonprescription medications each day. There is no accepted specific prehospital care for calcium channel blocker poisoning, except to summon an ambulance for symptomatic patients.

This is the poster for the new Richard Curtis film, the same guy who did Four Weddings and a Time stars Domhnall Gleeson as a man who can travel through time. He’s that guy shunted over to the right, occupying a third of his own movie poster.

Build a personalized daily vitamin pack with honest guidance and better ingredients. Whip up this moist, tender banana bread studded with chocolate morsels. Serve them alongside roasted meat, sausages or beef stew – or make them the star of the spread with supporting players such as cheddar cheese, whole grain mustard and pickled vegetables.

Plan in advance because you’ll need to make the sponge the night before you serve the rolls. Get creative and try out paint and furniture in other rooms. We provide data as a service to help dairy farms become more efficient and useful They sought adventure, mischief and inspiration in nature. Their work honored an industrious spirit of back, hand and heart.

XKCD hoverboard 17 coin world record time! — 14.69s

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